SCUPINI ROMANI is a brand of HAEMUS dedicated to the promotion of Ancient Roman culture. It consists of plenty portable exhibits (pottery, clothing, jewelry, knitted items) which are specially designed for this purpose and handmade by artists, artisans and craftsmen, inspired by the rich cultural heritage from the Roman period discovered in the Republic of Macedonia. The concept of SCUPINI ROMANI is variable depending on the circumstances and can be organized as an ambient setting, mobile exhibition or festival with live actors. Within the brand we have a lot of souvenirs made which are resembling the ancient artifacts, made as in inspiration of rich cultural heritage from the Roman times.

scupini_romani_fibula_2 haemus_scupini_romani_fibula_1 scupini_romani_fibula_3
Price – 15 € per item 
Fibulas (I-II century), exclusively made by Ellies Art for HAEMUS

scupini_romani_jewelry_earings scvpini_romani_jewelry scupini_romani_golden_rings
Price – on request per item 
Jewelry exclusively made by Ellies Art for HAEMUS

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